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Vascular connection between P. japonicum and Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 2016 August issue cover. Photo taken by Takanori Wakatake.Haustorial hairs in P. japonicum, Photo by Songkui Cui, The cover photo of Plant Physiology 2016 March issue. Striga hermonthica in Kenya, photo taken by Musembi Mutuku. Cover photo of Plant Physiology 2015 July issue.Striga plants infest Sorghum fields in Sudan. Photo by Ken ShirasuSorghum seeds at the market in Khurtum Photo by Ken ShirasuSorghum seeds - main staple foods in sub-Sahara Africa Photo by Ken ShirasuSatoko Yoshida investigates Striga plants in Sudan, 2010 Photo by Ken ShirasuPtheirospermum japonicum, the model parasitic plant Photo by Ken Shirasu